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Focus Lane Books are not traditional exercise books.  They are beautifully designed, colourful exercise books with lined pages containing common inspirational comments, or words to encourage children, daily, to complete their classwork or home learning.  Teachers and parents will recognise these quotes to engage and empower students and learners. 

Children will benefit from a wealth of uplifting motivational quotes, centred around things that matter to them as learners. Such as overcoming challenging work, or releasing negative self-talk about their work. 

There are three different exercise books on offer for children to complete their daily lesson in three different subjects: English, Maths and Science.  Each has different sets of motivational quotes and different coloured theme for each subject. 

How many times do children struggle to find written work that they have covered during class?  Not to worry.

There are colourful numbered pages throughout with a content page at the start of the book for children to record key topics so they can refer to the page number, where they had completed their work. 

Each exercise book consist of:

  • Simple reminders to help children organise the start to their day for consistent good habits    

  • Encouraging quotes for positive-growth mindset   

  • Gentle quotes for children to know that their perseverance and hard work will pays off

  • Promote children to read written quotes, during their own ‘me’ time for self-reflection 

Other suggestions for use

  • Perfect gift 

  • Special Reward for learning 

  • Ideal for note taking or revision notes

  • Targeted year group or whole school 

Small group of Key learners 

Age Group

Suitable for aged 11 to 16



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